Where Is The World’s Busiest Airport Right Now?

You Won’t Believe Where The World’s Busiest Airport Is Right Now

During COVID Pandemic, Anchorage Airport has became World’s Busiest Airport. It was able to achieve the status of number one because of cargo operations, not passenger flights. With Anchorage’s unique geographic location, it sees a great variety of planes passing by including the world’s biggest airplane, Antonov-225 calling into Anchorage six times recently.

The airplane varieties are fantastic at Anchorage! It is full of B747 cargo, lots of B747-8F, B777F and MD-11F actions. The Boeing 747 Dreamlifter also called into Anchorage on a regular basis. There are lot of classic airplanes such as DC3, DC-6 still flying daily in and out to remote community of Alaska. Listen to the great prop sounds. In normal times, Anchorage is usually the fifth busiest cargo airport in the world and the second busiest cargo airport in the United States.