The Truth About Flying JSX – Semi Private Jet Experience

I traveled on JSX from Las Vegas to Dallas last week. JSX is a part 135 charter operator, not an airline. I was able to check-in quickly from their own facility in Las Vegas in just a few minutes and there was no invasive TSA security screening. The next moment I was walking onto an Embraer 145 jet on the ramp. The plane was fitted with 1-1 seating configuration so there is no middle seat so there is no seat neighbor to share with.

I spoke to the JSX pilots, crew, and a few passengers about their experience onboard. The flight time to Dallas was 2 hours 30 minutes through some scenic view of Grand Canyon. After landing in Dallas, the checked baggage was first to be placed on the tarmac before passengers deplane. I got my bag within a minute and the next minute I was in a pre-booked car driving away from the private terminal. The whole experience on JSX was swift, much faster than flying into and out of the crowded airport terminal which you go through lines of check-in and screenings.

The 1-1 seating configuration is currently served on JSX Texas route only. West Coast routes are served by 1-2 seating configuration.

Lastly, I interviewed CEO of JSX, Alex Wilcox on the future expansion plan of JSX, whether more planes will be re-configured to 1-1 seating. Alex shares with me how he started in aviation almost 3 decades ago.