How to Fly Inside the Cockpit? My Best Cockpit Flying Actions

I was invited by JSX for a re-positioning flight from Las Vegas to Orange County/John Wayne Airport. During this flight, I revealed how do I access to the cockpit. There are a few ways to get access to the cockpit. I also show you how I mount a insta360 camera in the cockpit to capture the best angles.
Besides flying the JSX Embraer 145 in the video, I also shared some of my most exciting cockpit flying actions in the world. Enjoy them!
This includes: - flying from Kathmandu, Nepal to Paro, Bhutan. World's Most Dangerous Approach
- flying over thunderstorms on Air Mauritius A350 in Africa
- flying the An-22, the world's biggest turboprop flight
- Farewell flight on Hi Fly A380.
- Farewell flight on EL AL B747-400 by drawing a plane in the sky