What Happened On My Emirates Flight? 5 Tips To Help You Fly During Pandemic

This is a video of my recent Emirates flight in September 2020. What’s changed onboard Emirates Flight? I flew with Emirates from Zurich to Dubai. The flight was really empty. The crew showed me what’s changed in First, Business and Economy Class on Emirates.

Lot of service are modified to reduce touch points. Hygiene kit are introduced. Hot meal service have been retained across all classes. Lot of items are now sealed and wrapped. The crew explained what’s really changed in the airline. I do feel quite sad as there were very few passengers traveling on long haul flights at the moment due to all the uncertainties, border closures and quarantine restrictions. I hope the government and all stakeholders can work to standardize travel rules and restrictions to enable more people to travel.

Inside the video, I have also given 5 tips and hints to help traveler fly during the pandemic. These tips are not encouraging you to fly, it may help you to prepare better if you must fly. Tip 1 Time and plan your COVID Test in Advance Tip 2 Prepare to Spend More Time at The Airport With Paperwork Tip 3 Many Airlines Are Now Offering Automatic COVID-19 Insurance Coverage Tip 4 Remember The Little Things (face covering in the plane) Tip 5 Entry Rules And Restrictions Are Likely to Change