A Complete Empty Airport Terminal – Zurich Airport Behind The Scenes

I visited Zurich Airport and discovered the airport with 2 public tours. My tour start from the recently opened observation deck. I went on the bus tour that shows you around the entire Zurich Airport with a stop at the intersection of the runways for some close up plane action.

Then I joined the behind the scenes airport tour walking around the ramp with excellent guide Rene explaining airport operations in detail. We saw latest Qatar Airways A350 arriving at gate. Within minutes, the ramp was sprung into action with loading and unloading activities.

Then we went to an empty mid-field terminal E, which is closed due to COVID-19 pandemic. It was a bizarre experience to walk through the entire terminal in total silent. Next, we went to see the baggage belt system and how were the bags delivered to each airplane. The tour gave a rare insight of Zurich Airport operation. I was amazed how open Zurich Airport is with these excellent ran public tours.