What Happened to Cathay Pacific? Recent Incident and Experience

Cathay Pacific is one of the hardest hit airlines by the pandemic……but the recovery of Cathay isn’t smooth. The airline was hit hard by a discrimination incident against mainland Chinese passengers recently. I will talk about the latest Cathay inflight experience and all the issues in this video.

I took my mother on a Cathay flight from Los Angeles back to Hong Kong. It was Mom’s first long-haul travel in nearly 4 years. During the flight, I discover the latest Cathay Pacific service and some cost-cutting is evidently showing. Clearly, Hong Kong and Cathay still have a long way to go on the recovery path.

On landing, I experienced a powerful go-around from the Boeing 777 due to unclear traffic on the runway. We saw Hong Kong International Airport from above and landed safely on the new third runway of Hong Kong.

During my time in Hong Kong, I went on a meaningful flight over the skies of Hong Kong. The Cathay Community Flight 2023 brought 170 underprivileged teenagers, mentors, and volunteers to experience aviation together.