What It Takes To Become A Pilot – My PPL Flight Training

I’m going to become a pilot. It is a decision I will never look back. Sky is no longer the limit. It is home for me and my fellow aviators. I started my love of aviation as a planespotter, photographer then as passenger. The next step is to become a pilot to advance further in aviation.

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Flight training is a lot of challenge but you can see it is totally worth it. There’s never this much of satisfaction when you made your first unassisted landing by yourself. You forget all your troubles on the ground because flying takes up all of your attention and skillsets. There was never a dull moment during my flight training. I am slowly getting there. So far I’ve flown 18 hours, learning on many techniques to fly the plane such as stalls, forward slips, sharp turn, pattern and working on my takeoff and landings. I am going to share with you my progress in every phase of my pilot training (PPL).