World’s Longest A380 Flight in First Class – Is It Worth It?

Last week, I flew on Emirates A380 from Los Angeles to Dubai. Emirates has re-introduced the A380 back to LA. This is currently the longest A380 flight in the world. I was able to experience 16 hours of luxury in Emirates First Class. But is the First Class experience worth the extra price?

LAX Bradley Terminal was very busy at check-in. I visited Duty-Free shops and the Emirates Lounge which has both re-opened now. I also had a quick tour at the new LAX West Bradley terminal before my flight boarding. There is a tunnel that links it to the original Bradley Terminal. A lot of domestic flights also use the new Bradley extension.

There are good windows for plane spotting opportunities at the new extension. The Emirates A380 took off very heavy out of LAX. Flight time was 15 hours 30 minutes with almost entire daylight flying through the North Pole. Emirates has launched new Bvlgari amenity kits onboard and I was able to check out both male and female versions. I enjoyed my flight in my private suite with private dining and rest. I also use the Emirates First Class Shower and Spa to have a shower in the sky to refresh before landing in Dubai.

At the end of my flight, I shared some good tips on how to upgrade to First Class on Emirates. I also made conclusion whether Emirates First Class is worth the price difference from my flight experience.