How a B747 Returns to the Skies After Years in Desert Storage?

2 Boeing 747 have been given a second life and returned to the skies flying after years of storage in the desert. It is quite unbelievable! In this video, I have documented the work behind the scenes.

An ex-Eva Air Cargo B747-400BCF has been re-activated out of desert storage recently. Find out the work undertaken in order to return the B747 to flying condition. In the video I interviewed Ferry Pilot Gloyd Robinson. He shared with me about the test undertaken such as engine runs, high speed taxi and rejected takeoff. The B747 spent almost 6 months in order to return to airworthy condition under FAA Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DAR) supervision.

This B747, Reg N27063 flew out of Mohave for San Bernardino on 30 July. It flew gear down. When it arrived at San Bernardino, it was put on jacks and performed a “gear swing” to ensure the landing gear are working. The new owner of this B747 is SkyOne FZE based in the UAE. This B747 is expected to depart in a few weeks for heavy maintenance check overseas.

This was not the first B747 being re-activated recently out of storage, an ex Korean Air B747-400BCF (reg. N570B) recently flew out of Pinal Air Park in Marana, AZ. Instead of ferry empty to heavy maintenance overseas, it carried 80 tons of medical aid cargo to New Delhi from the US. This humanitarian’s mission was organized by many partners including Another Joy Foundation.

Long live Queen of the Sky!