World’s Most Bizarre Airline – North Korea’s Air Koryo

The flying experience on North Korea’s “one-star airline” Air Koryo is completely different from any other airline! You can fly this airline and visit a museum at the same time! But are they really bizarre and terrible?

I share my experience of flying Air Koryo on their Soviet Ilyushin IL-62, Ilyushin IL-18 and modern Tupolev 204 and Antonov 148 aircraft. It actually has more leg room and the seats are wider than most other airlines, customer service may be better than United or RyanAir. There are free food and drinks for everyone. It is definitely an exotic experience you don't want to miss!

The aviation tour to North Korea has given us the opportunity to visit many parts of the country including the sacred Mount Paektu near Samjiyon. I share some of the first hand insights about the country, the tour guide, accommodation and food.

The video also covers North Korea’s first Air Show; Wonsan AirShow. It was the most exotic airshow I've ever attended with a lineup of rare Soviet vintage fleet of Air Koryo and North Korean Air Force, many joy flights on Air Koryo, and the possibility to meet with North Koreans freely at the airshow.