Jetsmarter Flight Review Legacy 650 Private Jet Dubai to Cyprus


Jetsmarter Flight Review

Legacy 650 Private Jet Dubai to Cyprus



This is NOT a sponsored trip. I am just documenting my flight utilizing my Jetsmarter membership.


Earlier this year, I've spent my best $5000 on a private jet membership called Jetsmarter!

The idea is so brillant and revolutionary that I created over $50,000 value for my $5,000 paid in just 2 months!

The "Jetdeal" or "Social" tier membership I paid allow me to catch any "Empty-Leg" business jet that is available to Jetsmarter members on their App every day. On a typical day, there are 20-30 empty leg flights across the Globe mainly in North America and Europe.

The Jetsmarter App is one of many genius feature that help members to capitalize their membership investment with Jetsmarter. The App will send notification when there is an empty leg business jet available in your choice of destination.

On one particular Friday in October, while I was stuck in a regular office meeting in the afternoon, the App sent me notification about a 2015 made Legacy 650 jet will depart empty from Dubai to Cyprus in the evening!

I can hardly concentrate anymore in my meeting. My happy trigger finger press "Go" on the App and within 10 minutes, my flight is confirmed. I am all set to fly in a 15 seater Legacy 650 private jet to myself, free of charge courtesy of my Jetsmarter membership.

I called my wife Vicki and asked her to pack a light suitcase to come with me for a surprise trip.

We drove to DC Aviation (Jet Aviation) FBO facility in Dubai Al Maktoum Airport (DWC) and arrived 15 minutes before our departure time of 7pm.

DC Aviation has an awesome lounge, probably the best I've ever experienced. I have covered this awesome FBO in my past Jetsmarter flight to Kuwait.

DC Aviation FBO Dubai
DC Aviation FBO Dubai
DC Aviation FBO Dubai
DC Aviation FBO Dubai
DC Aviation FBO Dubai
DC Aviation FBO Dubai
DC Aviation FBO Dubai
DC Aviation FBO Dubai

The crew is already await us at the door when we arrived. This is a huge advantage and feature of flying private jet, you arrive and fly at your chosen schedule time. No time is lost in waiting flight.

This particular Legacy 650 is operated by German operator Air Hamburg private jet. It is just 1 year old.

It just flew in from Moscow and dropping 10 Russian businessman and now we're on its way to Cyprus.

Welcome onboard our private jet!

jetsmarter-legacy-650-02 jetsmarter-legacy-650-03 jetsmarter-legacy-650-04

There are 3 section on this rather long Embraer.

The front section have 4 seats face to face on each side.


The middle section has the dining table with 4 seats facing each other.


The rear section has 2 solo seats and a 3 seat sofa which can convert to a bed.


We settled in well. The plane smelt brand new everywhere!

The German flight attendant took plenty of pictures for us.


During departure, I introduced myself as an Avgeek to the captain.

He was really kind and allow me to sit on the jumpseat to watch the taxi and takeoff from Dubai DWC.


We departed from Runway 30 with flight time 4 hours 18 minutes to Larnaca, Cyprus.

You can see the takeoff footage from the cockpit in the video.

jetsmarter-legacy-650-08 After a nice climb to initial cruise level 39,000 feet, I returned to the cabin and find some good snack already served! jetsmarter-legacy-650-11 jetsmarter-legacy-650-10

The flight attendant told us there was no catering for the flight apart from snacks, because it was such a last minute nature. Dubai usually require at least 12 hours notice to prepare the catering.

But at least there were plenty of beverages include Moet and Chandon champagne and wine.

We moved to the dining section. We were encouraged to feel being at home.

The atmosphere was very relaxing and private. It is not everyday you fly in the sky without other passengers around you!

jetsmarter-legacy-650-12 jetsmarter-legacy-650-13 jetsmarter-legacy-650-14 jetsmarter-legacy-650-15 jetsmarter-legacy-650-16

Vicki relaxing and reading fashion magazine.


All of the seats can recline to full flat position. The leg rest can come up. (except the middle seats here)


A visit to the private bathroom at the rear of the aircraft.

jetsmarter-legacy-650-23 jetsmarter-legacy-650-20 jetsmarter-legacy-650-21 jetsmarter-legacy-650-22

The rear section is the most private and intimate one.


After snacks and lounging around, we retire to the "bedroom" to enjoy our private time around.

The flight attendant was busy taking more picture of us.

She told us to feel like home and wanted to get the best (and natural) side of us!

jetsmarter-legacy-650-17 jetsmarter-legacy-650-18 jetsmarter-legacy-650-19 jetsmarter-legacy-650-30 jetsmarter-legacy-650-31 jetsmarter-legacy-650-32

The cabin can be controlled by each individual console include temperature and lighting (which usually you can't do this on a commercial jet)

I am not sure what does the "Water" button do....

jetsmarter-legacy-650-33 jetsmarter-legacy-650-24

Our routing was cross the Persian Gulf, overfly Bahrain, then enter Saudi Arabia (2 hours overfly) and cross the red sea directly over Cairo, then turn North heading for Cyprus.

Because we have to avoid Syria and Iraq, this added about at least 30 minutes on the flight plan.

I watched a lightning show in the sky with massive energy released near Egypt at 40,000 feet.


After Cairo, we headed North for the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. First we flew past Paphos during our descend.

After a pretty long 4 hours 20 minutes flight, finally we're arriving Larnaca around 11:30pm local time.

I was fortunate to observe the landing from the jumpseat again!

You can see the landing footage from the cockpit in the video.


A last picture together with the lovely flight crew.


Cockpit of Legacy 650 jet.


We were picked up by a VIP van took us directly to the Executive Terminal for entrance formality.

jetsmarter-legacy-650-38 jetsmarter-legacy-650-39 jetsmarter-legacy-650-40

Massive Executive Terminal lounge at Larnaca.



This is easily the most private flight I've ever flown out of thousands flight I have.

In many ways, it is different to commercial flying. You arrive at your own pace just a few minutes ahead of the flight, you don't share with others and feel completely relaxed like at home during the flight. You receive the utmost attention and care. I'd say the biggest feature of private jet flying is privacy, convenience and of course service!

While most of us dream of the supreme comfort and convenience of flying on a private jet, we assume that this privilege is reserved only for the rich and famous. But that is not necessarily the case, as it turns out that flying private may actually be within the reach of many regular folks, too. My flight has a value of $40,000 if you charter it outright!

I am delighted due to the existance of JetSmarter, it fulfilled many person's dream to fly Private Jet in an affordable way. It really revolutionize the private aviation and bringing private jet aviation to the masses.


To Sign Up Jetsmarter Membership

Please use the special signup code "SAMCHUI" to sign up for Jetsmarter membership.

You will receive $500 referral bonus and earn $1500 flight credit associated with this private jet membership with the special code "SAMCHUI"

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7 Comments on Jetsmarter Flight Review Legacy 650 Private Jet Dubai to Cyprus

  1. Pretty cool and a good deal Sam. I am Dubai based and you have provided me a good travel option. Downloaded the app – the Middle East flight options seems limited. Have you tried their European or US flights?

    • I believe middle east soon will have Doha, Bahrain, Cairo online. If you’re seriously thinking to join, do let me know.

  2. May I know what’s your daily job? Do you run your own aviation company? I’m dreaming that one day I run an aviation related business.


    • They have increased the price lately. Older membership was only $5000 but now given the popularity and much wider choices they offer, it costs more but you get a lot more too!

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