Qatar Airways First Class Review


Bangkok to Doha

Departure time: 0205



17 May 2016

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Qatar Airways now use the smaller Thai Airways Royal First Lounge in E concourse, they no longer allow passenger to use the main Royal First Lounge in D concourse which is considerable walk from the gate Qatar Airways use.

The smaller lounge is very quiet and private with some dated furniture.

There is a waitress who comes to take your food and drink order.

No more than 2 person in the lounge during my whole stay.


The menu offering (limited) from this smaller First Class Lounge.


There is a trolley with drinks set up to choose.


And a small buffet spread mainly consist of several puff and pastry and sandwiches...


Some dessert on offer. Didn't try any as they look a bit staled...


I ordered lemon tea.


There are few shower rooms available for refresh but no slumber room or private room as the main lounge does. Given our departure is at 2am, I took a shower to refresh myself before boarding.

My general observation about the lounge is that it definitely needs a refurbishment and more food/beverage choice. Branded as a Royal First Class lounge, but it has even less choice than the Royal Silk Lounge.

Our A380 board at gate E4. Today's First Class cabin have just 2 passengers.

It is my 2nd time flying Qatar Airways A380 First Class. You can see the previously report here.

Welcome onboard!


I settle down in my seat 1A and have a glass of mimosa. The FA who serve the cabin comes from Romania, she is very friendly and attentive. She offered to take some photo for me.

20160516_224238   20160516_225147  

Before departure, I walked around to the front near the staircase where Qatar Airways have a nice deco.

20160516_224652   20160516_224349  

First Class bar just in front of the cabin.


Take off on Rwy19R around 2:20am out of Bangkok.

I love watching the A380 tail camera!


The onboard atmosphere and mood is always great on Qatar Airways! This is where they always do a great job set them apart from other airline.

I must say Qatar Airways A380 is the best cabin for lounging around!

This photo tells you that!

OS4A1772   OS4A1776  

After takeoff, I have a glass of Krug Champagne and some warmly toasted cashew and almond.


Then I changed to Billecart Salmon Brut Rose

I have both bottles to myself as the other passenger went straight to sleep.

I also set one seat to convert to my bed, one seat to eat and one other seat to lounge around!

It feels like I own the whole cabin!


The seat control button.


Before going to sleep, I indulge myself with caviar.

20160516_235839   20160516_235906  

After caviar, more champagne, my favourite music tunes and this Thai snack dish (leaf wrapped chicken and fishcake)


After that, I say good night to the crew and went to my bed.


The seat divider screen is up for some needed privacy.


Our flying time to Doha is about 6 hours 20 minutes. After sleeping for 4 hours, I woke up and visited the bathroom. There are 2 huge bathroom at the very front of the cabin on each side.

20160516_233425   20160516_233443   20160516_233451  

These are super roses which are fresh and can last for very long I was told!


I even find time to have breakfast before landing which is tomato omelet with breakfast steak and chicken sausage.


Approaching Doha Rwy16L at around 4:40am, it is already bright and temperature soars to 32 degrees C.



After 3 amazing First Class flights with Etihad A380, Air France B777 and Cathay B747-400 that weekend, this was my last one and I didn't expect much but I was still pleasantly surprised how nice the flight went! Thanks to the low loads in First Class which ensured I have an enjoyable and private onboard experience.

Qatar Airways A380 First Class may not be the most exclusive and private one, but it is certainly the best one for lounging around, especially if the loads are low. I certainly appreciate the open space of having the whole cabin to myself. The staff were very nice and consistent on my flight.

After arriving in Doha, there is staff waiting with my name on the sign to take me to the Al Safwa First Class lounge. You can read it here. It is one of the best First Class lounge!

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