Out of my 120 flights this year, I would like to show you my Top 10 flights of 2017!
2017 Flight Map

2017 Flight Map

2017 Flight Map

2017 Flight Map

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2017 have been a huge year for me in terms of aviation.

I've experienced a lot of luxury flights such as The residence on Etihad A380, QSuite on Qatar Airways and private jet on B727 and Gulfstream!

I've also flown plenty of classic flights onboard Tu-134, Tu-154, DC-3, DC-4 and IL-14.

I have had the pleasure to tour on new airplanes such as the Airbus A350-1000 and taking delivery of Singapore Airlines new A380.

Let's have a look my TOP 10 flights of 2017!



Inside the World’s Only BBJ 787 in VVIP Configuration

Technically it wasn't a flight but a tour inside the ultra luxury B787 is just jaw dropping!

The world's most luxurious private jet, complete with high-tech amenities, a master bedroom, and enough room for 40 people, is truly one-of-a-kind — and it cost an estimated £230 million to produce.

The commercial Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft can usually carry between 240 and 335 passengers — but the purpose of this model is a little bit different.

With the tongue-in-cheek registration plate "2-DEER," the aircraft has been gutted and fully renovated to include market-leading technological innovations, including remote-controlled blinds and furniture, dimmable lighting, and an extra spacious shower.

Inside the World’s only Private Dreamliner BBJ B787

Inside the World’s only Private Dreamliner BBJ B787





Flying the Iluyshin-14

In August in a unspecified location in Russia, I joined a group of diehard aviation enthusiasts together we flew one of the last remaining airworthy Ilyushin-14 nickname "Penguin"

This particular airframe has been made in 1957 and restored to full airworthy condition with attractive red/silver paint on the fuslarge.

The IL-14 performed a total of 4 flights. An An-2 and Romanian made Aerobatic plane IAR-826 also flew close formation together with the IL-14. Our trip participants swapped planes after each flight so we could have a taste of different planes.




Alrosa Aviation - Tupolev 134 in deep Siberia

I have the pleasure to fly with Alrosa Aviation Tu-134 this August from Mirny to Irkutsk on one of the last scheduled Tu-134 flight in Russia. The GoPro footage of manual flying the Tu-134 from the cockpit is an absolute highlight!


Flying the Presidential B727 in South Africa


On my recent aviation tour to South Africa, I have the fortune to charter a very unique aircraft, a Boeing 727 (Super 27) Registration ZS-PVX, which is the last one roll off the factory production line and she have only 6,500 hours of flying on her clock. (That's average 200 some hours flying per year!)

Our group paid about $23,000 for 1.5 hours charter flight flying around Johannesburg and Lanseria. It is a lot of money but the unique and luxury experience is well worth it! The pilots are very accommodating, they not only allow us to visit the cockpit during flight but managed to the following:

  • Go Around at 500 feet over Mahikeng airfield
  • Low passes about 1,000 feet above ground level over Pretoria and Voortrekker Monument
  • A touch N go before coming back to land at Lanseria




Flying the last Tupolev 154 in Russia

In August this year, I have the pleasure to fly on the last scheduled Tupolev-154 in Russia, from Moscow to Polyarny in Siberia. I have the good fortune to be invited to sit in the cockpit to observe the landing on the extremely bumpy runway. Watch the video of this amazing Soviet experience.




Singapore Airlines new A380 delivery flight

After last month’s coverage of Singapore Airlines launch of the new A380 product; I was invited to Toulouse, the factory of Airbus, as part of the media team to pick up the brand new A380 of Singapore Airlines and fly her to Singapore.  This was my first delivery ferry flight and one of the more unusual flights in my life!

The video details the delivery flight of the brand new Singapore Airlines A380, which features a complete redesign of: First Class Suites, Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy Class.




Qatar Airways QSuite - A First in Business

What a lovely way to spend my birthday onboard the World's Best Business Class product! (in many ways it rivals First Class!). I really love the Qsuite especially the size and privacy it has to offer.

It was almost unthinkable to have Suite seats in Business Class and Qatar Airways have took the innovative lead on Qsuite product. The Qsuite will also featured on all new B777 and A350 deliveries including the up-coming A350-1000 series.




Looking back, the flight was like a fairy tale and I was the main character! Etihad have deployed a camera man to follow my journey inside The Residence to film every little details of my experience. It is a definitely one of a kind experience. Is the money worth it? Yes given the exclusive and luxurious flying experience and there's only one inaugural flight every time!




The Last United International B747 Flight

The Boeing 747 has earned its reputation as a revolutionary aircraft. Over its 47 years of service with United Airlines, the Queen of the Skies has built up a considerable fan base.

My love of aviation started with my first B747 ride in 1993 on United Airlines flight 800 from Hong Kong Kai Tak to Tokyo Narita.

Since then, I've flown over 70+ Transpacific flights on-board The United B747-400.  My first flight in International Business Class was on a United B747. My first flight in International First Class was also on a United B747.  Needless to say, the many hours I've spent inside The United Jumbo Jet has inspired my passion of aviation and passenger flight.

I bought my ticket very early, and although further changes to the flight schedule may always be possible, I was determined to be on the last United B747 flight as it means so much to me.





The number 1 flight of 2017 is not a single flight, rather it is a collection of amazing memories onboard Emirates. I've moved to Dubai this year and have the pleasure to fly Emirates in and out of Dubai on a monthly basis. I've been invited to participate in their 100th A380 delivery ceremony and checked out their latest First Class product on a new B777 in Dubai Air Show!

I always find the Emirates cabin crew fun loving and willing to go extra mile to make my flight enjoyable. So I am dedicating the no.1 spot to my favourite airline Emirates!

Watch many of the videos below to experience the fun I have onboard Emirates!



Video of my TOP 10 Flights of 2017


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