Boeing order summary for the 2018 Farnborough International Air Show

With the sales campaign all wrapped up for this year’s Farnborough International Air Show, it’s time to see what orders and commitments Boeing brought in. Here’s a list of actions from the last four days:


Boeing entered the Farnborough Air Show with 460 orders, consisting of 319 737s, 14 747s, 20 767s, 24 777s and 83 787s.

Boeing states they have 70% of this years orders coming into the show. The remaining is Airbus and Bombardier.


DHL commits to the 777 Freighter

Day one saw Boeing kick off the show with a healthy order and commitment for the 777 Freighter.

The cargo airline placed an order for 14 777 Freighters with options for 7 more.

Once firmed, this entire order is set to be worth $4.7 billion dollars.

Jackson Square Aviation becomes 100th 737 MAX customer

Becoming the 100th 737 MAX customer is definitely a great achievement, both for the customer and Boeing.

Jackson Square Aviation placed a firm order for 30 737 MAXs in a deal worth $3.5 billion at list prices. Just like many announcements made at the show, the order was previously listed as unidentified.

Qatar Airways firms 777 Freighter order

The second freight order came from Qatar Airways when they finalized their order for five 777 Freighters.

The deal is worth $1.7 billion at list prices and was previously listed as unidentified in Boeing’s order book.

Qatar already operates the 777 Freighter and has repetitively praised the aircraft for its incredible cargo hauling capabilities.

United Airlines orders additional 787s

With a fleet of 787s already developed and loved by the airline, United decided to expand it by ordering an additional four of them.

At list prices, the deal is worth $1.1 billion. Just like their current fleet, the General Electric GEnx was selected.

An interesting statistic from Boeing is that nearly 50% of 787 operators have placed repeat orders for the type.

TAROM Romanian Air Transport orders 737 MAX

TAROM, the national carrier of Romania, placed a firm order for five 737 MAX 8s in a deal worth $586 million at list prices.

The order was previously listed as unidentified.

Additionally, TAROM has agreed to purchase a landing gear exchange programme from Boeing Global Services along with outfitting their 737 NG fleet with the Maintenance Performance Toolbox.

Goshawk Aviation orders 737 MAX

In a deal worth $2.3 billion at list prices, Goshawk Aviation ordered 20 737 MAX 8s during the show.

The aircraft were previously listed as unidentified in Boeing’s order book.

GOL adjusts their 737 MAX order

GOL Airlines announced that they have converted 30 737 MAX 8s to the MAX 10 variant. They also made an agreement with Boeing to take 15 more MAX 8s, taking their total MAX order to 135.

Jet Airways orders more 737 MAXs

In a deal worth $8.8 billion, Jet Airways placed another order for 75 737 MAXs.

Again, this order was listed as unidentified in Boeing’s order book.


Volga-Dnepr Group commits to additional freighters

Starting the second day was Volga-Dnepr Group signing a memorandum of understanding for 29 777 Freighters and placing an order for an additional five 747-8 Freighters.

Based on current list prices, the deal, once firmed, is valued at $11.8 billion.

In addition, Volga-Dnepr group purchased a crew pairing solution and an agreement to work together on future freighter projects.

Belavia orders 737 MAX

Belavia, the flag carrier of Belarus, signed a deal with Boeing for four 737 MAX 8s with two options.

The aircraft will be leased from Air Lease Corporation.

Deliveries will begin in May 2019.

Air Lease Corporation orders and commits to additional Boeing aircraft

Air Lease Corporation announced a firm order for three 787-9s and 20 737 MAXs.

The commitment is for 55 737 MAXs.

Once finalized, this deal will total 78 aircraft at a list price value of $9.6 billion.

Air Lease Corporation already has orders and commitments for 361 Boeing aircraft, including 288 737s, 52 787s and 21 777s.

GECAS orders 737 Converted Freighter

Boeing and GECAS announced at the air show that an agreement had been made to sell 35 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighters. Of this 35, 20 are firm and 15 are options.

This deal takes GECAS’ order book of the 737 BCF to 50 aircraft.

Aviation Capital Group orders 737 MAX

Aviation Capital Group placed a firm order for 20 737 MAX aircraft, taking their total order for the type to 100.

ACGs portfolio already consists of the MAX 8, MAX 9 and MAX 10 variants.

At list prices, this deal has a value of $2.34 billion.

Vistara confirms 787 order

Vistara announced at the air show that they did place an order for six 787-9 Dreamliners with options for four.

At list prices, this deal is worth $2.8 billion.

This order will make Vistara the first 787-9 operator in India.

Boeing Business Jet order

Seacons Trading Ltd placed an order for a single Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) MAX 7.

Seacons already operates a BBJ 737 NG as well as a G550. Statements from the airline indicate the reason to choose the BBJ MAX7 was because of its increased range, room and efficiency.


VietJet orders more 737 MAXs

VietJet signed a memorandum of understanding for an additional 100 737 MAXs, consisting of 80 MAX 10s and 20 MAX 8s.

At list prices and once firmed, this deal is valued at $12.7 billion.

In addition, VietJet and Boeing signed an agreement to allow Boeing to partner with VietJet to enhance technical and engineering expertise and the training of pilots and technicians in Vietnam. Boeing will also support the airline in improving management both in the airline and in the country.

Four customers commit to 737 MAX

Four undisclosed customers signed a memorandum of understanding for 93 737 MAXs.

One of the four customers has already committed to 40 MAX 8 200s.

At list prices and once firmed, this deal is valued at just under $11 billion.


Undisclosed customer commits to 737 MAX

Boeing started day four with an undisclosed customer signing an agreement for 100 737 MAXs.

At list prices and once firmed, this deal has a value of $11.7 billion.

Hawaiian finalizes 787 order

Hawaiian Airlines firmed their commitment for 10 787-9 Dreamliners including options for an additional 10.

In addition, Hawaiian and Boeing signed an agreement for Boeing Global Services to provide the airline with aircraft transition support services – such as training and initial provisioning – to ensure a smooth switch from Airbus aircraft.

Hawaiian Airlines also noted that the 787 will be their flagship aircraft of the future.

At list prices and with the options firmed, this deal is worth $2.82 billion.

Two undisclosed customers commit to 787 Dreamliner

Two undisclosed customers reached agreements to buy a total of 15 787-9 Dreamliners.

No information has been provided about the customers other than the fact that one is an existing 787 operator and one is a new customer.

At list prices, this deal is worth $4.2 billion once firmed.

Novus commit to 777-300ER

Dubai-based aircraft lessor, Novus Aviation Capital, announced it’s first direct agreement with Boeing for four 777-300ERs.

Once firmed, this deal is set to be worth $1.44 billion at list prices.

Announced after the closing press conference but still relevant: British Airways commit to three additional 777s.

British Airways announced a commitment for three additional 777-300ERs. The aircraft will be leased via a leasing company.


Boeing ended the show with 673 orders and commitments from 21 customers.

This consisted of 564 737s, 52 787s, 52 777 Freighters and five 747 Freighters. Note that these figures include 145 unidentified figures in the backlog prior to the show.

Two new MAX 10 customers signed for deals.

Once the 787 commitments are firmed, Boeing will have surpassed 1400 orders for the type, emphasizing it’s role in today’s market.

Stick around for the remainder of the 2018 Farnborough Air Show!