The SWISS First Class ground experience ranks among one of the top in the world.

Prior to my flight from Zurich to Hong Kong on the SWISS B777, I had the opportunity to visit both First Class lounges at Terminal A and E.

I popped by Terminal A's First Class lounge first, which had all the hallmarks of modern, beautiful Swiss interiors.

The lounge has a dining area, shower suites, plenty of seating and even a cigar room, but its main feature is its centrepiece Grappa bar. It houses more than 100 bottles of Grappa, which diners can taste at their leisure. The dining menu features specialities dishes from Switzerland.

SWISS First Class Lounge a la carte dining

SWISS First Class Lounge shower suites

SWISS First Class Lounge business room

SWISS First Class Lounge Terminal A main centrepiece

Which Grappa do you fancy?

The lounge also has day rooms to relax in but, as you'll see later in this post, they can't compare to the ones in Terminal E.

After some time, I left for the lounge at Terminal E. Passengers flying in First Class will get to enjoy SWISS' ground experience. A Mercedes-Benz S-class luxury limousine will be waiting to personally bring you over to Terminal E.

SWISS also recently added this service for passengers arriving into Zurich.

The SWISS First Class ground experience - Mercedes-Benz S-class

The SWISS First Class ground experience

The SWISS First Class ground experience - Mercedes-Benz S-class

Large and spacious with modern wood finishes, the lounge is accessible to First Class passengers flying on SWISS and Lufthansa, as well as their HON Circle members.

The lounge has a five-star restaurant with a la carte dining. There is also a huge wine humidor at the entrance that holds more than 1,000 bottles of wine from all over the world.


SWISS First Class Lounge five-star a la carte dining

Food prepared a la minute at the SWISS First Class Lounge's restaurant

Sweet, sweet ending to the meal

Wine humidor that holds over 1,000 wine bottles

There is an outdoor terrace, which is perfect for aviation geeks like myself to do some plane-spotting. You can also order food and drink to enjoy it outside.

SWISS First Class Lounge terrace - possibly the best part of the lounge for aviation geeks

A planespotter's paradise at the SWISS First Class Lounge

Amenities like shower suites and a business conference room are available, but the one special feature of SWISS' lounge is its two incredible day rooms.

It is unlike any airline lounge’s day room in the world – designed like a five-star hotel room. It comes with spectacular views of the apron!

SWISS First Class Lounge shower suites

SWISS First Class Lounge business conference room

SWISS First Class Lounge day room

SWISS First Class Lounge day room

SWISS First Class Lounge day room


SWISS operates two very high quality lounges, but the outdoor terrace in Terminal E is what wins it for me. As an avid aviation enthusiast, the opportunity to plane-spot in the comfort of a luxurious lounge makes for an unforgettable experience.

Overall, SWISS provides one of the best ground experiences in the world that you can enjoy today. Unfortunately, the airline doesn’t release first class award space to its Star Alliance partners. The next best alternative is to fly first class in Lufthansa routing through Zurich as Lufthansa First Class ticket holder can also access to the SWISS first class lounge. This may sound rather inconvenient, but the experience here will be one that will surely make it all worth it.

What do you think of the SWISS First Class Lounge? We'd love to hear your thoughts below.  



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