World of Hyatt, the loyalty program for Hyatt properties, will be introducing Peak/Standard/Off-Peak Rates coming March 2020. On top of that, coming January 2020, you will see more value in redeeming Hyatt points for Dining and Spa Awards.

1)Changes to Redemption Rates for Hotel Nights – From March 2020

Key Takeaways:
– Off-peak/Peak pricing will be introducing coming March 2020.
– No changes to existing standard rates.
– Redemption rates will be announced as soon as hotel nights are available for reservations (usually 13 months in advance) and won’t change once posted. A new online calendar will help you plan (coming soon).
– If your existing award booking is lowered to Off-peak in March 2020, you will be refunded the point difference automatically. If it goes to Peak, you won’t be charged with additional points to pay the difference.
– The existing points+cash points for redemption nights will be made available to Off-peak and Peak redemption.

Redemption Rates For Properties Under World of Hyatts, Other Than All-inclusive Resorts And Miraval Resorts

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Redemption Rates For All-inclusive Resorts

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Redemption Rates For Miraval Resorts

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2)Changes to Dining and Spa Awards – From 29 January 2020

If you are new to this, these credits can be used to pay in-room purchases as well.

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Peak/Off-peak pricing are double-edged swords. However, you can stay ahead of the game by using your points to redeem free nights before March 2020. You will be refunded the points difference should the night become Off-peak rates. No additional points required if your existing redemption changed to peak rate.

Last but not least, Hyatt is currently offering points promotion – 1.71 US cents/point to be purchase by 31st December. If you do a little research, you will find that you can save a few hundred bucks by booking your hotel nights with points instead of cash.

You may click here to buy your points. Click the below post for more information.