As an AvGeek, I collect just about anything related to commercial aviation. I have just recently moved house, while doing so I made the decision to share with you some of my aviation collection.

Video of My Collection

Airplane Models

I collect airplane models that I flew on as a passenger. Most of my models are GeminiJets, in both 1:200 and 1:400 scale. I decorate the showcase with models and include some of the flight certificates in the background.

My favourite models are those of the B747 with a special paint scheme, such as the Singapore Airlines Tropical Megatop, ANA Marine Jumbo and SAA Ndizani.

Air Koryo Tu-154-B2

The model below is one of the most interesting ones that I have come across, it is half B747-8 and half An-124 from the Volga Dnepr Group. One wing is low and the other is high. It actually shows that both planes are similar in size.

ARJ21 from Chengdu Airlines
Etihad and Emirates A380 in 1:200 scale (GeminiJets)
Boeing 747 Dreamlifter, Thai MD-11 and Malaysia Airlines B747-400 Special Livery

Airline Amenity Kit and Sleepwear

I have hundreds of airline amenity kits from traveling and about 20 sets of sleepwear. I keep most of them are kept in storage, however I do keep a few of the more unique ones on display. The Etihad Residence amenity kit came with my personal initials on it, while the pink Lalique is a female version from the Singapore Airlines A380 First Class Suite.

Dining and Tableware

I adore tableware with airline logos, but not the generic ones. From time to time, I have asked the airlines if I can keep a coffee cup or saucer.

I also collect in-flight menus from the flights I have been on. Some of them are rare or one of a kind; such as the inaugural A350-1000 flight on Qatar Airways, the last breakfast menu on EL AL B747-400 and the flight menu from Hello Kitty flights on EVA Air.

In addition, I collect just about anything else that is personalized; such as the Etihad Residence menu, a welcome letter from the A380 and much much more.

My Trophy Case

This case has more important personalized gift that are one of a kind; including my YouTube 100k and 1 million subscriber awards, coins, flight certificates and other miscellaneous gifts.

I also keep most of my event badges, they serve as mementos of the special events I have attended.

More Collectibles

I have a fair amount of lanyards, playing cards, coffee mugs, toys, stickers and baseball caps.

Aviation Books

On my book shelve, I have a varied collection of aviation books and this includes my latest book - Air747.

Air747 book

Giveaway - Win Air747 Book and Emirates B787 Model

Air747 Book and Emirates B787-10 Model Giveaway

Video of My Collection