16 Hours in Emirates Premium Economy vs Business Class – What’s Better?

I flew on Emirates A380 from Los Angeles to Dubai. This video features a close look of Emirates Premium Economy and Business Class on this ultra-long haul flight.

I boarded the long flight and settled in Business Class which has an updated interior of white leather seats. The flight had a small delay so I took the opportunity to experience Premium Economy Class. There were just a few passengers taking advantage of the Premium Economy cabin as Emirates has just added Premium Economy on US A380 flights including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, and New York. Flight attendant showed me the seat functions and I gave my recommendation of the best seats in Emirates Premium Economy.

During the flight, I checked out the meals served and compared those of Premium Economy with Economy Class. I was given some behind-the-scenes tips on how the Emirates crew operated the A380. At the end of the flight, I gave my verdict on flying in both Emirates Premium Economy and Business Class.