World’s Shortest and Longest Flights – From 53 Seconds to 20 Hours!

What’s it like to fly on World’s Shortest 53 seconds flight or fly on the World’s Longest 20 hours flight non-stop? 

The shortest flight in the world is between Westray and Papa Westray, the flight distance is just 2 miles. These two islands are part of the Orkney Islands off the shore of Scotland. One way ticket cost 17 pounds for the 2-minute flight. Sometimes it can go as fast as 53 seconds from takeoff to landing, depending on the direction of the wind.

What’s the shortest jet flight in the world? Air France uses a widebody 777 to fly 16 miles from Brazzaville to Kinshasa. This is also the world's shortest international flight - A flight that lasts for an average of 14 minutes.

The longest non-stop commercial flight in the world happened during COVID in 2020. Air Tahiti Nui operated nonstop flights from Papeete, Tahiti to Paris, covering a distance of 9,765 miles made possible by a crew of four pilots with eastbound tailwinds.

Currently, the longest non-stop scheduled commercial flight is between Singapore and New York with Singapore Airlines. The route was launched in 2004 initially flown by A340-500 then it was re-launched in 2018 with A350-900 ULR.  There is no economy class on this flight! The Pilot gave an interesting briefing about the 3 different routes this flight can take…

Qantas in 2025 will be launching the world’s longest flight between Sydney and London, covering a distance of 10,573 miles. I was onboard QANTAS project sunrise trial flight in 2019 from London to Sydney with seeing double sunrise. Qantas currently also flies the World’s second-longest flight between Perth and London and third longest flight between Melbourne and Dallas.