Flying On The World’s Biggest Turboprop – Antonov An-22

This is a video of flying inside the world's largest turboprop - Antonov An-22 Antei. Join me on this incredible flight from Leipzig to Bremen on the An-22. The plane picked up a special bus shipment in Bremen and we flew back to Leipzig. A total of 20 strong crew to operate the Antonov An-22 include 6 cockpit crew.

An-22 was the first wide body transport aircraft and remains the world's largest turboprop-powered aircraft to date. An-22 is powered by four Kuznetsov NK-12 engines each driving a pair of contra-rotating propellers with unique sound.

An-22 holds a Guinness World record with max payload of 250 tons (551,156 lb) It is the only widebody freighter capable of operations at airports with unpaved runways or remote airstrip.

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