Air Force Ones Meet – A Day at Geneva Airport + Flight to Mont Blanc

I spent a day behind the scenes on the ramp at Geneva Airport. Sitting inside the push-back tug pushing 360 Tons Emirates B777-300/ER. Could this be the best airport job?

Then, I visited the new observation deck. Geneva airport host a wide array of airplane activities from general aviation to business jets to commercial airlines and VIP head of state airplane. In May 2021, both U.S. Air Force One (B747) and Russia Air Force One (IL-96) visited Geneva Airport. This video captured some of the interesting traffic visit to Geneva.

After that, I took off on a sightseeing flight from Geneva to Mont Blanc. Our Piper PA-46 Malibu departed Geneva towards Lake Geneva and the Alps. Within 20 minutes, we reached Mont Blanc. It was really spectacular flying over the Alps.