Airlines Uncovered: Backstage at Qatar Airways Operations

A rare behind-the-scenes airline operation at Qatar Airways Operation Center (QROC) to see how the crew reports and prepares for their flight. A team of professionals performs flight watch and makes critical decisions to ensure smooth operation of the airline.

At 6am in the early morning, it is full of action at Qatar Airways Operation Center (QROC). Thousands of Qatar Airways pilots and cabin crew depart from here for their flights. All Qatar Airways crew checked in here at the building before their flight. I went behind the scenes to see how the crew got briefed before operating their flight. The pilot will meet their flying partner at the pilot briefing area. The cabin crew will meet their team member at the designated briefing room and go through the flight details. A grooming check is also conducted during the briefing. Then, I joined the crew on the crew bus out to the aircraft on the ramp.

There were about 100 departures in the busy morning hours at Hamad International Airport. I filmed many of the departures before going back to the Qatar Airways Operation Center. I visited the Integrated Operation Control Center (IOCC) where a team of professionals performed flight watch and made critical decisions to ensure the smooth operation of the airline. The supervisor on duty shared about the weather issue and possible flight disruptions. The commercial team looked after re-booking and re-accommodating affected passengers. The maintenance team deals with “Aircraft On Ground” (AOG) issues. I was given a rare behind-the-scenes on airline operations.