Qatar Airways A380 Crew Confidential – What you DON’T see as a Passenger

I follow 27 Qatar Airways crew onboard the world’s largest airliner; Airbus A380 to see how they operate a full flight from Doha to Bangkok. There are many things you don’t see as a passenger!

My journey started at Doha Hamad International Airport (HIA). I boarded early ahead of other passengers to join the crew briefing and the crew showed me their pre-boarding cabin check. We had a full load of 517 passengers.

Captain Fatima briefed the passenger before we took off. She gave the flight details and the emergency briefing. The A380 is huge and felt like a cruise ship in the sky with double deck. There were many activities after takeoff, the crew showed how to prepare the cabin for inflight service. Purser Alex shows us the ‘hidden’ A380 crew rest.

With a gorgeous sunrise, we started our approach to Bangkok. Enjoy the A380 landing from the cockpit. After landing, the crew showed us their work before deplaning.