Piloting Through The Pandemic – What Happened On My Etihad Flight?

I flew with Etihad Airways last week from Abu Dhabi to Athens. It was my first time in over 6 months to fly out of Abu Dhabi Airport. Some new technology have been implemented at the airport such as touch less elevator, self sterilization box and temperature check.

I checked out the lounge with the latest offering and boarded Etihad A321. The pilot was busy doing takeoff calculation and emergency pilot briefings. It is interesting to see their work behind the scenes from the cockpit.

After takeoff, I explore all the latest offering from Etihad include a wellness kit with mask, glove, a black face cloth and sanitizer. I interviewed the crew about practicality of wearing PPE in-flight. The Etihad A321 has new economy class slim line seat without PTV at the seat back.

Back in business class, i enjoyed lunch all served on one single tray. Nothing has really changed apart from the covers and wrapping on the bread. I took a nap after lunch until we reach Athens. The black face cloth was surprisingly comfortable to breath through during sleep.