Travel is Back – New Airlines, Full Flight and Crowded Airport

Travel is back in the US much faster than anticipated! I’ve never seen such a dramatic swing and recovery. Currently, the number of flights in the US is double of last year. In some leisure markets such as Hawaii, the flight numbers are even higher than the pre-covid level.

There are now a lot of wide-body airplanes flying domestically in the US. American Airlines is using B777-300/ER, B787, Delta is using B767-400, A350 and United is using B777-300/ER and B787 on major trunk routes in the US. These long haul wide-body airplanes were typically flying international routes so this is the best time to fly on them domestically.

I traveled from Los Angeles to San Francisco and was pleasantly surprised to fly on a United B767-300 wide-body. I interviewed fellow YouTuber Jeb Brooks and the United Airlines staff about the current travel. Long gone were the days middle seat were blocked, expect full flight and crowded airport. I also interviewed Valerie Wilson (TrustedTravelGirl) about her Covid flying experience and she shared some good tips on how to lock in the best fare on air ticket.

There are 2 brand new airlines started recently, Avelo and Breeze Airways. Fellow journalist Chris Sloan was on both inaugural flights. Avelo from Burbank to Santa Rosa and Breeze from Tampa to Charleston. Take a look at these low-cost flights.

Of course, not everyone is back to travel all around the globe, but it is really nice to see US domestic travel is bouncing back much quicker than we thought, airlines are hiring again and a lot of folks are called back to work after a horrible year. So things are looking up!