Qatar Airways have its own Premium Lounge in Dubai Airport new Concourse D. It is exclusively for their First Class and Business Class customer. I have to say this is so far one of my favourite airline lounge in Dubai Airport in the new Concourse D where most airline use except Emirates and FlyDubai.

Here is the lounge entry policy:


This premium lounge is strictly for Qatar Airways First Class and Business Class customer. Elite frequent flyer can use the excellent Ahlan First Class lounge and Business Class lounge which I have reviewed as well. Thanks to the strict policy, the lounge never felt crowded during my visit.

Here are some photos of the Qatar Airways Premium Lounge in Dubai.

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There are plenty of seating area with a few private family area. The toilet has shower facility with the usual high standard of amenity. Everything in the lounge smells brand new!

The service of the lounge is excellent. A waiter or waitress will bring you the drink/food to your seat. There are also an extensive buffet and dedicated dining area. There are at least 5 staff to attend your needs in the lounge.

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I love this lounge because the intimate and luxury environment it created. It was never crowded and have plenty of food with excellent service. It really live up to its name, Premium Lounge.

I'd be interested to hear your feedback from visiting this lounge.


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