Coronavirus is now known to be aviation's biggest farewell party. It is hard to believe just one A380 is flying in the sky at the moment!

It is not even a scheduled A380 flight, but a repatriation charter operated by Lufthansa on behalf of the German Government.

Just one A380 flying in the sky at the moment. Source FR24

At the same time, I noticed how many Boeing 747s are flying in the sky, covering almost all continents.

All but 3 of the B747s flying in the sky are cargo flights. The essential airfreight fleet has hardly been impacted by the coronavirus.

All B747 Flights in the sky. Source FR24

The 3 passenger B747 exceptions are:

  • Lufthansa B747-8 from Frankfurt to Sao Paulo
  • Lufthansa B747-400 from Christchurch to Bangkok (Repatriation Charter)
  • Wamos Air B747-400 from Madrid to Miami

For Boeing 747 lovers, there is a rare piece of good news; KLM has brought back their recently retired B747 to operate more cargo flights.

What will the sky look like after coronavirus? Let me know your thoughts.

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